What about the BEER?!

We are working hard to overcome some equipment problems to bring you 2 Tread Beer as soon as possible.  Keep an eye on our website or Facebook for updates- in the meantime come check out our guest taps!

2 Tread’s philosophy on beer is to entice, encourage, and entertain your thirsty palates with a rotating and sometimes seasonal approach to small batch in-house brewing.

Its not just what ingredients we use to make the beer, but how we build layers of complexity that emerge as you work your way through a glass after a bike ride, day of work, time at the playground with family, or at a BBQ with friends. This should also lead you to think about why, when, and how it all comes together between our brewhouse, fermentation cellar, and your drinking glass.

We desire to be ‘style atheists’ (acknowledging but not committed) by producing exciting interpretations of classic beer styles along with our own unique twists in grains, hops, fermentation methods, and aging. Cream ales will provide crisp refreshment while IPAs will be focused heavily in the hop flavor arena – with hops sourced from Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southern Hemisphere. Our modernist farmhouse ales will rotate different specialty ingredients along with the seasons, and we look forward to releasing some of our favorite heavyweight offerings of imperial stouts aged in various barrel styles, some locally sourced.

For the brewery, we’ve designed it to be flexible for recipe requirements and clear viewing from the seating area and bar – right out front for everyone to see what’s going on. No glass walls here, no brewery hidden in back. Sure we’ll give you a tour too, but you can also check out what’s going on from your table. This is small batch craft beer where there is hard work, ingenuity and, well, craftiness in every pint.

We relish change for our thirsts but like to be able to always find some of our favorites. Our expectation is to have some beers that you might see on the menu all the time with a tiny change here and there and some limited offerings that may only come round once every year or two when they are ready.

We looked forward to sharing our beer with you.

What about the FOOD?!

2 Tread’s food philosophy is to offer meals that are simple and tasty, while working with the change of the seasons for inspiration and enabling fun ingredients. It might be thought of as a Sonoma County take on traditional pub food. You’re not likely to see British bangers or cod fish and chips as regular items, but maybe a Margherita Flatbread using house-made mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil or even a roasted 1/2 Mary’s chicken with our own special spicy mole sauce.  You can get “normal” or “unusual” here- come challenge your palette.

The combinations of ingredients are planned to provide changes in texture, color, and even a varied acidity on the plate. We will provide fresh and local options including Sonoma’s awesome cheeses, rustic breads, and vibrant produce like tomatoes and peaches.

The menu will feature awesome burgers and other hot sandwiches, California influenced flatbreads, seasonal salads, and some really interesting meals that elevate the concept of pub food.  It’ll still be unpretentious, still be affordable, still be sharable, but we plan to do some interesting things for the food that will please the foodies and those that just want a really, really great burger (it’s Niman Ranch beef)!

Plus, since Bill grew up in Austin, Texas (though he is third generation that has lived in Santa Rosa) you can bet that sometimes there will some serious barbeque going also.

Come DIG IN!

We have rotating entrées on particular days of the week. We regularly use fresh basil leaves, house-smoked bacon,  sautéed mushrooms, cilantro, or tomatoes as a highlight in many of the meals as these are some of our favorites.

We’re also fans of using our house-made beers in marinades, dressings, and sauces made from scratch that accompany some of the menu options. Beer isn’t the only thing fermenting here- we also make our own pickles and sauerkraut as a special treat during the right times of the year.  Heck we’re even making our own mozzarella cheese.

Some items are portioned or cut such that sharing amongst a group is almost mandatory so that everyone can try just a bit as they work their way through a beer of their choice from our own brewhouse. Community food as opposed to ‘family-style’ is how we think of it.

Come sit with us and tell us whether tangy house fermented pickles are better next to your sandwich or stuffed inside. You might just get a sandwich concept named after you.