Hello World! 2 Tread Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, California… great to meet you!

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Well, I guess we’ve now technically been “born”!  The LLC is formed, the USPTO has come back on our first trademark, we’ve finally, finally (did I say finally?) found a GREAT space in a GREAT location with a 4000 square foot beer garden… but we can’t quite tell you where just yet- more to come hopefully in the next week or two!

We’ve had inspections of the HVAC, structural, sewers, grease trap,  and water supply and all came back positive except the water supply needs work- turning the water on created fountains of shooting water all over the place but it’s just simple valve replacements so while dramatic, no big deal!

We’ve had the business plan and projections reviewed by a ton of friends including one that has opened multiple brewpubs and MBAs from Wharton, Columbia and Harvard.  I admit it- I had the word “Income” in the projections when what I meant was “Revenue”.  It’s now all ready for the investors (and potential investors) to take a look.

We’ve had the lease reviewed by two lawyers and a good friend that runs a commercial real estate management company in Annapolis, Maryland.  Talk about super-helpful.  Things you never knew to be worried about in a commercial lease, yep, you need to be worried about.  Thankfully our landlord has been the model of professionalism and they’re as excited about us moving in as we are (well, almost!).

Lots, lots more coming including posts about the Business Side, the Food, the Beer, the Debates, the Regulations, etc.  Stay tuned by signing up for our mailing list- see the contact form at the bottom of the website!

I can’t wait to have a beer with you kicking back in the beer garden with some live music, bikes hanging on the wall, and all of our friends there too!

-Bill  (the Dude who isn’t the Brewer)