2 Tread Brewing Company

1018 Santa Rosa Plaza, Santa Rosa, CA  95401
Sunday-Thursday: 11:00am-10:00pm
Friday-Saturday: 11:00am-11:00pm
Kitchen closes one hour before closing time. Come check it out!

Attached to the plaza mall but right downtown with our entrance on B Street, “between the hand and the rock!”

What can we say about “location?”  Other people say it’s the first three things that matter in real estate (location, location, location!).  We say it matters a lot too, but we had some very specific ideas about what we wanted that made finding just the RIGHT location very challenging.  18 months challenging.  We finally found it, right in downtown Santa Rosa!

We wanted a space where we could throw up big glass rollup doors to enjoy an indoor-outdoor vibe.  Check!

We wanted a space where there was a big beer garden to kick back and talk with your friends about how lucky we all are to live here, how amazing the weather is today, how great the beer and food is and that we can’t believe nobody did this before.  Maybe listen to some acoustic guitar at lunch too.  Check!

We wanted a space where people could ride up on their bikes all muddy and hang their bikes up in a secure location- inside even- and feel not just comfortable but welcome.  Share some stories with us!  Check!

We wanted a space where we can put in a GREAT sound system for some late night live music, or even just a big game, and the neighbors won’t complain… Check!

We wanted a kitchen where there are no limits on what kind or style of food we can do- to keep all of our imaginations working on both the beer and food!  Check!

Finally, we wanted a place where the brewery wasn’t a second thought- where it is out in the open so while you’re eating you can see the brewery and know that we’re working hard to bring you the best small batch beers around.  Check!

We wanted a place that is family-friendly, business-friendly, singles-friendly, alternative-friendly, Santa Rosa- friendly, and just, well, FRIENDLY.  Check!

We hope you’re looking for the same location we were, and that when we’re open you’ll come check it out!  We want to EARN your business.